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A science fiction movie screenplay

WINNER at Black Swan International Film Festival

Well Pleasure Girl swoops another independent Film Festival. This time is wins at the Black Swan International Film Festival. Fantastic news to see Pleasure Girl, doing so well.

WINNER at the Gil International Screenwriting Awards

Pleasure Girl for an offical selection at the Gil International Screenwriting Awards, then on the September 29, 2021 I was notified that indeed the screenplay was selected as a Winning script in their festival. The festival takes screenplays in Spanish and also English.

WINNER at Virgin Spring Cinefest

Pleasure Girl was selected as a finalist at the 2021 Virgin Spring Cinefest, then a couple of weeks later I was notified that the screenplay did indeed win, on the September 20, 2021. Great to see many different festivals choosing this screenplay as a winner. Thanks to the festival organisers. See their website. Virgin Spring…
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WINNER at the World Film Carnival

Pleasure Girl was selected as an official selection, then became a finalist and then was selected as a winning screenplay in the World Film Carnival – Singapore on the September 24, 2021. It’s a delight to see this screenplay doing so well in these festivals. Please check out the awards’ website: World Film Carnival Website

Officially Selected for TWO more Festivals!

Pleasure Girl was Officially Selected for two more festivals. It’s nice to see two more events picking up the screenplay. The first one is: 22nd season of World Film Carnival – Singapore. The second is: 44th season of Virgin Spring Cinefest. Details and laurels coming soon!

OFFICIAL SELECTION at Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival

Very pleased that Pleasure Girl has been included in the 2021 Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival (MiSciFi) as an Offical Selection. It is a great festival and ran during early 2021 – please visit their website for more details: http://miscifi.com Great people and a great festival.

WINNER at London Best Script Award 2020

‘Pleasure Girl,’ has more recognition. The screenplay was an Official Selection at the London Best Script Award on the 20th November 2020. This morning I received notice that indeed ‘Pleasure Girl,’  had WON the Best Sci-Fi Feature Screenplay category. London Best Script Award Website

OFFICIAL SELECTION at Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2020

Pleasure Girl has been selected as an official selection for the Tokyo Lift-Off Film Festival 2020. This is a huge achievement and really helps solidify the screenplay as a contemporary cinema screenplay that should be made into a motion picture. The Lift-Off Film Festival Network is one of the largest in the world and will…
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WINNER at Los Angeles Film and Script Festival 2018

The screenplay, “Pleasure Girl” won best sci-fi film screenplay in the 2018 Los Angeles Film and Script Festival. This is pretty exciting to have my screenplay acknowledged in this way. It has been a lot of work, rewriting and rethinking the screenplay to get it to this level, that is a high budget state of…
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